Leader Board

Many thanks to Neal Rudge for his generous contribution!

Contributors: Neal Rudge, Christopher Will


Evans Mullan led the way with a major contribution. Thank you!

Contributors: Greg Askey, Doug Bland,

Tom Doyle, Dave Garnitz,

Jay Hoover, Paul Leef, 

Andy Lott, Mike Magee,

Andy Mansinne, Rich Masterson,

Evans Mullan, Chuck Napier, Andy Read



Contributors: Ben Ball, James Gill,

James Hall, Alec Haesler,

Robbie Lee, Ben Luke,

Brian Mercer, Mehul Patel



Contributors: Pat Cassidy, Jeff Farber,

Pat Hanlon, Mitch Houff,

Brandon Im, Thomas Konvicka,

Austin Lacey, Joe Parrott



Contributors: Brandon Conley, Phil Cox,

Alex Flecker, Steve Galusha,

Cameron Garrison, David Gelfond,

Adam Wilcox


1992 – In Progress

Contributors: Erik Schneider


1984 – In Progress

Contributors: Bill Whitehead


1979 – In Progress

Contributors: Dave Hollopeter


1978 – In Progress

Contributors: Geoff Gimber


Would you like to see your graduating year composite back in the house, especially in time for our 100th Anniversary? Would you be interested in obtaining one of the smaller personal copies to replace the one you received back in the day? 

Here’s your opportunity!

Vantine Studio is able to reproduce any missing composite as far back as 1978. For the first 10 school years that we receive enough donations to cover 80% of the cost, the chapter alumni association will cover the remaining 20%. After these initial ten are accounted for, other years will need to cover the full cost of a replacement.

Brothers who contribute at least $25 toward a year that gathers enough donations to finance a replacement also will receive a free individual 11×14 copy of that composite as a thank you for your gift.

The cost of full-size replacements for 2001 to present, including frame, frees, and delivery, runs between $450 and $550.

Replacements for 1978-2000 are more expensive due to the additional labor required to reassemble the composite from individual photo negatives, with the price range dictated by the number of brothers pictured.

For example, 1993 with 42 brothers pictured would cost $800; 1996 with 54 brothers would cost $990; and 1981 with 83 brothers would cost $1,400.

You can donate through our PayPal Portal and note which composite you are contributing to, or send a check to:

Virginia Delta Upsilon Alumni Association
P.O. Box 6685
Charlottesville, VA 22906-6685

All contributions must be received by January 1, 2022, so we can have the composites in time for the Centennial!