A DU for Life

You’ve heard about the lifelong friendships and social benefits. You’re probably aware of the networking and career opportunities. But what about developing the skills and strength of character that will lay a foundation for life beyond the University?

Delta Upsilon’s mission is Building Better Men. We’re committed to helping you better prepare for the world than the typical college experience. We offer a deeper connection to the University of Virginia and Charlottesville through chapter engagement. While we celebrate our history, we’re not stuck in the past. Modern college life demands a modern fraternity. Delta Upsilon will be yours for life, and will give back to you in direct proportion to what you contribute.

National Gallup research results show that fraternity members are more likely to thrive post-graduation in purpose, social, financial, physical and community well-being. Fraternity members are also found to be more engaged in the workplace, are more likely to have a mentor, and are more likely to take advantage of experiential learning opportunities while in college.

The Cornerstone is the guide to our fraternity, associate membership, and chapter life. It may not guarantee you’ll have a UVA library named after you like Charles L. Brown (Virginia 1943), or receive a Nobel Peace Prize like Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (Kansas 1973). But it will ensure your knowledge of the shared values that underpin our fraternal bond.

You’ll discover and hone personal leadership qualities as a representative of our chapter, the international fraternity, and the University. You’ll hold yourself and your brothers accountable, make tough decisions, and uphold our founding principles. You’ll interact and liaise with figures of authority and oversight, whether at the University, City of Charlottesville, or DU International Headquarters. You’ll have access to DU’s unique training like the annual Presidents Academy, Leadership Institute, and Regional Leadership Academy. Through digital and in-person programs, you’ll join brothers from across the US and Canada to share ideas and discover new resources and approaches for meaningful personal development and chapter improvement.

Chapter officers are effectively running a non-profit organization with a substantial budget, diverse membership, and obligations to the University and international fraternity. You’ll learn to delegate tasks, balance finances, organize events, and facilitate outreach. You’ll participate in chapter retreats, attend DU-sponsored training, and access webinars and advisory resources, including our alumni board. Loss prevention programming also provides education on alcohol safety, hazing prevention and sexual assault prevention, which are fundamental to our core founding principle: the advancement of justice.

We work hard and have our priorities in check. We strive for academic excellence and have a strong tradition of undergraduate scholarship, participation in research, and pursuit of advanced degrees. We lean on each other and know when to ask for help, whether through informal study groups or other resources. You’ll also have opportunities to apply for DU scholarships that reward men of merit.

Your membership in DU transcends the chapter house. You’ll be a DU in University organizations like student government, service groups, clubs, honor societies, and intramural sports. You will be part of a fraternity that sets a positive example for modern Greek life and stands out among others that prioritize private traditions and exclusivity.